Build Your FREE Personal Stock Portfolio Tracker

Using Google Finance as a personal stock portfolio tracker is a thing of the past since Google no longer has an app for it. All the other apps that seem like they’re helping you track your personal stock portfolio are selling your data to 3rd party applications.

So, if you’re a stock market investor, this blog post is for you.

If you’re a stock market trader or a fund manager or a portfolio manager managing wealth for high net worth individuals (HNIs), you may still use this blog post to build an application for your clients.

Yet another stock portfolio tracking app?

First and foremost, your brokerage account has confidential data about your investments. Not only is logging into your brokerage account tedious, it could sometimes be excruciatingly difficult to use.

From remembering passwords that you need to reset every few days, to leaving your phone unattended, to dealing with an archaic app, to navigating through an app that is covered in banner ads, to unknowingly giving access other aspects of your phone to an app, these apps are fraught with risks.

Besides, the 3rd party applications that you use today to track your portfolio could be selling data about you and your investments. With data privacy and security being a hot topic now more than ever, you need to be a little more aware of what happens with your data when you share it with 3rd party applications.

As a result, you should take the extra effort to avoid being compromised, especially when the data is related to your financial well-being and investments. And if you can, you should build your own tools, especially when the tools to do that are easily available today.

Toolkit to build a Stock Market Tracker

  • Build your portfolio using GOOGLEFINANCE in Google Sheets.
  • Track your portfolio using a mobile app developed using GlideApps.

PART 1: Building a Portfolio in Google Sheets

All you will need to build a portfolio in Google Sheets is the following:

  • A basic understanding of how to structure a Google Sheet.
  • A complete understanding of the =GOOGLEFINANCE() function in Google Sheets.

Structuring a Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

A basic structure of the spreadsheet to track your stock portfolio is shown below.

You can request a copy of this workbook by submitting your email below (no spam!).

The inputs for this portfolio tracker are the following:

Buy Datem/d/yyyy4/24/2019Mandatory
Buy PriceNumber123.45Mandatory
Buy QuantityNumber1,234Mandatory

These are all laid out in the columns A to E of this template.

Understanding GOOGLEFINANCE in Google Sheets

The complete documentation of GOOGLEFINANCE can be found here.

The sample spreadsheet shared above contains placeholders for all the important metrics related to a particular stock, namely, but not limited to:

  • price
  • priceopen
  • high
  • low
  • volume
  • marketcap

The idea is to retrieve the desired metrics (columns I to Z) for a stock using GOOGLEFINANCE.

For e.g., to retrieve price of APPLE’s stock, use the following formula:


The spreadsheet also calculates the total Buy Cost, the Current Value, and the absolute ROI (columns AA to AC) for any particular stock you’ve entered information for.

PART 2: Building a Mobile App using GlideApps to Track your Portfolio ON-THE-GO

A few snapshots of the Mobile App can be found at the beginning of this blog post.

You can check out a live demo of the app here. It is highly recommended that you open this link on your phone, and save the page as a bookmark on your Phone Home screen to get it to work exactly like an App.

Following is a very quick demo of how to develop a functional version of this app, using GlideApps, in less than 2 minutes:

Create your Mobile Stock Portolio Tracker using GlideApps

Installing the App on your Phone

Once the app is ready, click Share app from the navigation menu on the left, and click Copy link to app from the top-right.

Copying Link to your Glide App
Copying Link to your Glide App

Open this link on your phone in a browser. You will be then shown instructions to add a link to this app as an icon on your phone, which will make it resemble like a mobile app.


It’s not very hard to take control of your data and build tools for yourself when amazing tools like Google Sheets and Glide Apps are available. Go ahead and build one for yourself.

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